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Analyst Michaël van de Poppe Predicts What’s Next for Ethereum Rival Avalanche (AVAX) and Four Other

Closely followed crypto strategist and trader Michaël van de Poppe is looking at what’s ahead for Ethereum (ETH) competitor Avalanche (AVAX) and four additional altcoins.

Van de Poppe tells his 567,500 Twitter followers that he’s looking at a key resistance area for Avalanche that could trigger a rally for the smart contract platform if surpassed.

This one needs to break through the resistance at $80. If that breaks, a new run seems likely. Until then -> time to accumulate.”

Next up is Harmony (ONE), a blockchain focused on powering a decentralized economy. Looking at Harmony against Bitcoin (ONE/BTC), Van de Poppe predicts the pair is poised for a bounce after hitting support at 0.00000469 BTC or $0.18.

“This one should be having some sort of bounce from this area. My personal point of interest lies around the 350 sats [0.0000035 BTC or $0.13] region.”

Another coin on the trader’s list is payments infrastructure platform COTI (COTI). Van de Poppe says he expects COTI to print a bullish higher low setup against Bitcoin (COTI/BTC) before launching a 35% rally to his target at 0.00001 BTC ($0.38).

“This one is currently acting into resistance. Flipping that = probable trade to make. Otherwise, looking at a test around 740 sats [0.000074 BTC or $0.28] for a potential long entry.”

Van de Poppe is also keeping a close watch on the native asset of Hathor (HTR), a scalable cryptocurrency alternative that combines direct acrylic graph technology with decentralized blockchain technology. According to Van de Poppe, HTR is primed to hit a key support area against Bitcoin (HTR/BTC) at 0.0000148 BTC or $0.57.

“The range to buy HTR is coming up.”

The last coin on the trader’s radar is peer-to-peer payments network Litecoin (LTC). Van de Poppe says that while Litecoin is still in a downtrend against Bitcoin (LTC/BTC), he’s looking at a potential scenario where the pair could rally by 17%.

“Looking for a flip of the 3050-3100 sats [0.00305 BTC-0.0031 BTC or $117.01-$118.93] level for a potential long trigger. Until then -> no interest.”

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