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One year performance up to date .. how is the US market ? Did stocks get their results 2021

Since the global health crisis in April 2020, the world has gradually risen after stocks fell more than 51% following the SP 500 index, which fell from 4500 to 2200 in its biggest drop since the 2008 financial crisis .

The rise has led both electric car, technology, renewable energy and semiconductor companies to unprecedented levels .

Cryptocurrencies have not been out of service, but have also risen to record levels, reaching 2.6 trillion $ and the crypto sector is poised to reach 4 trillion dollars in the coming years

In the shadow of the Delta mutagenesis, inflation and the supply deficit of conductors continued to overcome all the challenges and will reach higher than expected with the ability of the Federal Reserve to use its tools to rein in the economic depression to raise the expected interest in the coming years because inflation according to his statements only temporary and does not indicate a serious indicator.

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