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Solana Speed Is Ridiculous, Crypto Asset Is Likely the Ethereum of This Cycle: Macro Guru Raoul Pal

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Marco guru Raoul Pal says smart contract platform Solana is poised to be one of the best performers this cycle as he believes it is following the footsteps of Ethereum’s 2017 bull cycle.

In a new interview on BitBoy Crypto, the founder of Real Vision and Global Macro Investor identifies key factors that could make SOL the next big thing in the crypto markets.

“I’ve been looking at it. [I] wasn’t sure what to do with, it and then I think it’s the ETH of this cycle. Remember ETH was the one that became the big new thing? I think it’s this because the pedigree of all the people involved in it, the speed of adoption is ridiculous. I mean it’s growing faster than ETH did at that cycle.

The number of applications, the ecosystem is, it’s like somebody just sent me a chart of the ecosystem, there’s like 300 people already working with Solana. It’s like, ‘Okay, this is real and this is happening at a speed none of us can get our heads around.'”

Pal adds that he sees Solana outperforming Cardano en route to becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies.

“It’s kind of like everybody wanted Cardano to happen is actually happening to Solano right now. It doesn’t mean Cardano doesn’t over time, but Solana looks like it’s going to win this cycle. It wasn’t the standout coin that becomes a major.” ( source : )

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